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community Service program

Dominican International School envisions to produce holistic graduates who are not only lovers of study / truth but also service-oriented. The Community Service Program is required for all High School students. The HS students are expected to connect classroom learning into actual communal experiences.

In general, this program helps students to focus on four significant areas for their growth and development:

  • PROMOTION OF LIFE: students will be able to gain deeper understanding about themselves, their community, and society in matters of promoting and protecting life. This initial stage helps students extend classroom learning experiences into practical situations.
  • HEALTH AND WELLNESS: students will be able to take initiative, work as a team,and demonstrate their abilities to promote health and wellness in the school and beyond. This area focuses on Physical activities/ exercises that will give students time to develop their motor skills and other aspect of fitness.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS / CARE: students will be able take initiative, plan out programs and activities that promote environmental awareness and care. This area focuses on the Advocacy of the school as environment- friendly environment.
  • LANGUAGE LITERACY: students increase their civic participation in the field of language literary by sharing their knowledge and skills particularly for those who would like to learn Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, and other languages.

Note: Students are required to complete at least 25 service learning (community service) hours upon enrollment in high school.

Downloadable Form

Service Learning Hours (Community Service) Form

Community Service Hours (for School Rule's Violation) Form