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D'Torch Youth Ministry

DYM Damily

DYM is a recognized group of student leaders under the supervision of the Campus Ministry and Religious Studies Departments. DYM was founded in School Year 2013-2014. During the School Year 2014-2015, DYM started to draft its clear procedures of selecting students, opening the opportunities for any aspiring student leaders particularly from the Middle and High School. All members of the Campus Ministry are called to serve actively in all the school’s religious and non-religious activities during tenure. The new name DYM that stands for D'TORCH (Dominicans are Truthful, Organized, Reflective, Courageous, and Helpful) Youth Ministry was introduced upon the recommendation of Sr. Zenaida Ancheta, O.P.


  • WORD: Nurture the joy and inspiration of sharing the teachings of God among fellow students through active participation in all the activities promoting deeper understanding of self, others, and God

  • WITNESS: Render selfless service for all the religious activities of the school (majority Religious activities) more than just gaining credits or hours for community service.

    Promote the Dominican way of life---assiduous study (truth), fervent prayer (joy), Community (Justice), and active service through preaching (compassion).

  • WORSHIP: Demonstrate sincere and utmost respect and volunteerism in all the worship activities of the school like prayers, celebration of the Mass, and other liturgical activities.

    Show willingness to volunteer to make liturgical celebrations more captivating/interesting for all for the glory of God.

Student Leaders (SY 2018-19)

PresidentNatalia Garcia Tang
Vice-PresidentKhushi Kamlesh Khatri
Jasper Chang
SecretaryElton Shih
Lucian Lin
TreasurerIris Ho
Patrick Yuan
Public Relations Officers Ian Ko
Elsa Cheung
Group 1 LeaderIan Ko
MembersJocelyn Wu
Devin Chang
Laasya Potharaju
Michael Lee
Eric Chang
Judy Ki
Group 2 LeaderBryan Chien
MembersIan Lu
Heidi Hsu
Matt Chang
Morris Yen
Group 3 LeaderDaniel Chen
MembersCharm Felipe
Christina Chuang
Collin Kuo
Mariana Funes Perez
Clio Leung
Isabella Hsieh

D' Torch Youth Ministry AdviserJohn Erick Moje
Extra-Curricular Activities CoordinatorAgosh Librea
Vice PrincipalSr. Socorro Teofilo, OP
Directress / PrincipalSr. Zenaida T. Ancheta, OP