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May 2018

The Varsity Team, in a huddle.

The Faculty Team doing a warm up.

The tip off.

The faculty team after a time out.

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Teachers off the boards

A basketball exhibition game between the DIS faculty and DIS varsity team was held last May 14, 2018. The game was played in the newly built DIS Gymnasium. The varsity won handily 90 – 71. Only nine faculty members suited up - Mr. Joe Schoeman, Mr. Erwin Discaya, Mr. Gustl Pido, Mr. Mark Gajardo, Mr. Tom Mauborgne, Mr. James Henselman, and Mr. Charles Marks. It was first time that the faculty team played together, since all had a busy schedule after school.

The faculty team got off to a fiery start leading 25–17 at the end of the first quarter to delight the crowd, behind Mr. Erwin's 12 points and Mr. Joe's control off the boards. But the varsity opened the second quarter with a 18-0 run through their fast break plays that caught the faculty team off guard. The varsity team was indeed quicker since they are more younger and have played together for about a year. Mr. Pido injured his Achilles tendon after a rebound play in the 2 minute mark that shortened the faculty team rotation.

At the end of the half the varsity team had a nine point lead 44-35. The varsity team never look back as they led as much as 22 points in the second half, 65-43. Mr. Erwin led all scorers with 43 points. Brandon Huang top scored for the varsity team with 32 points.

It was a good game for the faculty since it’s a way of getting off the white board and it brought them closer to the students.

The box scores:

Varsity Team 90 – Brandon H. 32, Jonathan C. 18, Theodore C. 10, Alec C. 9, JC C. 8, Henry P. 8, Brian L. 4, John W. 1, Jerryson L. 0.

Faculty Team 71 – Mr. Erwin D. 43, Mr. Joe S. 14, Mr. James H. 6, Mr. Gustl P. 4, Mr. Charles 2, Mr. Mark G. 2, Mr. Tom M. 0, Mr. Ed S. 0, Mr. Jofil C. 0.

First row (from left): The Varsity Team, Jerryson Lee, John Wang, Alec Chen, Jonathan Chen, Brandon Huang, JC Chen, Henry Phun, Brian Lin and Theodore Chen.
Second row (from left): The Faculty Team, Mr. Erwin Discaya, Mr. James Henselman, Mr. Joe Schoeman, Mr. Mark Gajardo, Mr. Charles Marks, Mr. Edward Solis, Mr. Jofil Collado and Mr. Gustl Pido.