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August 2018

The Student Council officers with their respective house banners.

The Truthful Scarlet with Mr. James Henselman, Jamie Lee and Calvin Pan, their mentor and captains respectively.

Sana Endo, Courageous Gold house captain.

Students/members gather around Organized Emerald banner.

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New house system launched

D ominican international school launched its new house system last August 24, 2018. The usual 4 house groups were replaced by 5 groups that represent the Schoolwide Learning Outcome (SLO) that DIS has. The five groups are – Truthful Scarlet, Organized Emerald, Reflective Sapphire, Courageous Gold and Helpful Carnelian. Sr. Ma. Zenaida T. Ancheta, OP, the school directress/principal spearheaded this innovation to give importance to DIS’ SLOs which is TORCH.

Catholic schools have begun to use the house system to promote positive character traits as well as to instill a sense of belonging and group pride. In DIS, being the only Catholic international school in Taipei drives for a better sense of participation and loyalty, closer camaraderie, and more effective inculcation of virtues and values. Each house should strengthen involvement of students through school activities, shape students personality and character, provide an essential balance to the DIS community and improve Dominican spirit.

The house mentors are Ms. James Henselman and Ms. Sophia Lin for Truthful Scarlet, Ms. Olivia Courtoy and Mr. Eric Williams for Organized Emerald, Ms. Debby Shih and Mr. Michael Hoffmann for Reflective Sapphire, Mr. Konraad Kordula and Ms. Jenny Pan for Courageous Gold, and Mr. Erwin Discaya and Ms. Rebecca Wu for Helpful Carnelian.

In support of this house system, the Student Council officers made themselves available as house captains. Calvin Pan and Jamie Lee for Truthful Scarlet, Eric Lee and Irene Hsu for Organized Emerald, Daisy Fung, Tiffany Lin and Emily Su for Reflective Sapphire, Sana Endo for Courageous Gold, and Michelle Hsu for Helpful Carnelian.

There will be annually, quarterly and monthly points system. Each house will acquire points from competitions, attendance, sports activities, academic achievements and adherence to DIS policies. A house meeting will be conducted every first Friday of the month were students will wear their house-colored-shirt and blue jeans. The houses will be rewarded with 200 points (100 for deportment and 100 for wearing proper uniform). The house with the largest attendance earns 10 points.

Whenever student violates the dress code, a five point deduction will be given to their respective house. Each student will receive one point for participating in competitions, tournament, and sports activities. A student who becomes a member of the Young Honors Society will receive one point.

Ms. Archie Racadio, the SLO’s Coordinator will be the overall overseer of the new house system. The house that gains the most number of points in one month will be declared the monthly champion. Accumulation of points will be monthly and quarterly. Every month the points of each house will go back to square one in order to maintain fairness and balance.

The DIS community.