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Dominican International School is a Catholic, private, English medium school owned and governed by the Dominican Sisters.

D'Torch House System

DDominican International School Taipei, a Catholic International School, seeks to educate the whole person and ensures that each student achieves his or her unique potential as a Catholic Inspired by the charism and teaching of St. Dominic de Guzman, the school’s patron, the quality of Dominican education is reflected by the Four Pillars of Dominican life, namely: prayer, study, community, and service — foundations for a successful and meaningful future. These serve as the root of the expected school-wide learning results or student learners’ outcomes, manifested by the assimilation of the core values of D’TORCH—being Truthful, Organized, Reflective, Courageous, and Helpful.

In the same principle, the Dominican TORCH is the LIGHT that encourages unity for the vision and mission to be carried out better. The Dominican TORCH is a symbol of the flame of that truth (Veritas).

The mission and goals of DIST envision the students to have imbibed the values of being Truthful, Organized, Reflective, Courageous, and Helpful upon completion of their studies. As a DIS Family member, each is familiar with the SLOs, and the core values of the school, and continually aspire to meet the standards by integrating them into the different disciplines or practices in the school and his/her life.

The school implemented the House System as one of the avenues to target the SLOs

By doing so, the student’s physical, social-emotional needs, and the likes are being met. The house system also aims to inculcate and develop a familial sense of embedded loyalty and responsibility, especially during sports and charity events.

In this house system, all students are grouped into five where students belong throughout their stay at Dominican International School or until they graduate. Each house represents a letter from D’ TORCH with its motto, color, and cheer. In addition to this, a banner for each house is hung in the hallway to serve as a reminder of its entrusted ESLRs/SLOs’ traits.

Points are earned each month through participation in liturgical activities/events; involvement in both academic and extra-curricular activities embodying positive behavior, etc.

Essential to fostering the full potential of the student’s well-being is the experience of developing quality interpersonal relationships of care and support that will provide them with social-emotional skills to thrive, develop successfully, achieve positivism, and be fulfilled. At the Dominican International School, the vertical House system is used as the primary arrangement to develop quality interpersonal relationships and to foster the distinctive characteristics of Dominican values and traditions which include:


who are












are guided by the Gospel and universal values

set goals and pursue them to fruition

contemplate their strengths and weaknesses

are open and responsive to new and diverse perspectives

evaluate all decisions in light of the common good


center their lives on God’s teachings

maintain a balance between a healthy body, mind and spirit

aim to respond, rather than to react

are willing to take risks and graciously accept results

are compassionate and caring


show respect to all

engage responsibly with the world, through a variety of resources

determine patterns, make connections, and think critically

communicate effectively

respect and care for the environment

DIS would like all students to get involved in different school activities; encourage them to have a positive outlook towards teachers and school rules; improve their academic performance; and feel better about themselves, to name a few

Being in a mixed group of students will provide opportunities for them to meet and get to know other students from different grade levels, thus making them more relaxed and comfortable in moving up to the next level. There is also a greater chance to learn from others with the belief that each individual has something to offer and that everyone is unique in his/her special way. Moreover, faculty and student relationship also improve and benefits from this house system where everyone collaborates towards the success of their respective houses.

Teamwork, a positive spirit, and social sportsmanship are expected from everyone.

The D’TORCH House System creates an important dynamic for the holistic life of students through the collaboration and development of projects and activities linked with every department of the school created or inspired for a classroom, school-wide, or House-wide event, which in turn will provide the opportunity of forging close relationships over some time with both fellow students of all year levels and the Teachers with their House Student Captains and House Teacher Mentors. Therefore, this also allows the students to develop their potential in a wide range of co-curricular and leadership activities outside the formal classroom. The House System in a deeper sense means that as every member of the faculty/staff gets into a house, he/she gets the sense of being connected to the students and provides them with the spiritual, academic, emotional and social, and physical care, thus nurturing high-quality interpersonal relationships

The House system is like a way, access to let the members have room to shine and light up their torches to succeed in school and life.

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