Campus Life

Extracurricular activities available as an extension of the regular school program.


The School clubs fall within the framework of extra-curricular activities. Clubs, an extension of the academic curriculum, is where the students have the opportunities to explore learning skills in a more interesting way and beyond the scope of the usual learning inside the classroom.

The aims of the Clubs are:

DIS Club activities run on Fridays from 14:50-15:35. Clubs will normally run for the whole semester.

Club & Organization - 1st Semester, School Year 2023-24

Lower School Middle School & High School
Outdoor Fun Art
Kiddie Coloring Art Studio
Recycling Fun Arts and Crafts Badminton
Kindy Craft Fun Board Games
Little Artist Boxing
Coloring Calisthenics
Comic Drawing Book Campus Radio
Basketball Clinic Card Game
Tennis Chinese Culture
All Puzzles Computer Science
Junior Global Issues Network (GIN) Dance Troupe
Chess DIY Experiment
Basketball Global Issues Network (GIN)
Soccer Korean Culture
Board Games Math Circle
DIY Experiment Model United Nations (DISMUN)
Silent Reading Olympiad
Campus Radio Photography
Singing Project H
Python 101
You art U (YAU)
Junior Orchestra Orchestra

Club Linkages