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Health and Safety

The School Clinic is a place within the school campus wherein primary care is rendered to a sick patient - First Aid and initial nursing assessments are given during emergent situation. Since schools bring large numbers of students and staff together, prudence dictates that—as in any workplace—a system must be in place to deal with such issues as first aid, medical emergencies, and detection of contagious conditions that could spread a group situation.


We envision a healthy and health-conscious school community.


To conduct health care services with the highest standards of professionalism guided by the love of work, commitment, and utmost competence.


Service Hours

Health Record Form

Health Record Form

Clinic Staff

Ms. Cheryl Yang
School Nurse
+886 (02) 2533 8451 Ext. 119

Ms. Lulu Shen
School Nurse
+886 (02) 2533 8451 Ext. 119

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