About Us

Dominican International School is a Catholic, private, English medium school owned and governed by the Dominican Sisters.

Philosophy / Goals

Philosophy of Catholic Education

We adhere to the philosophy of Christian education, that, “a true education aims at the formation of the human person both with respect to his [her] ultimate goal and at the same time with respect to the good of those societies of which as a human being he [she] is a member and in whose responsibilities he [she] will, as an adult, have a share.” (Pope Paul VI. "Declaration on Christian Education - Gravissimum Educationis." Vatican: the Holy See. Rome, 28 Oct. 1965.)

Dominican International School Philosophy

Dominican International School, mindful of the secular life and infinite divine guidance of every person, teaches the young to strive towards reaching their full potential in all aspects of human development. DIS is governed with the belief that God is at the center of our lives, and that students should do their best to be living witnesses to Jesus Christ’s teachings. DIS recognizes and accepts that parents are the primary educators of the children, and values their assistance and collaboration.


Maintain a student-centered class atmosphere where the teacher sets achievable expectations to enable students to pursue their dreams.
Encourage exploration of the curriculum, using academic and technological resources to define the purpose of learning.
Focus on creating a safe learning environment, where students feel accepted for who they are and confident in their learning process.