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August 2020

The Knowledge Review magazine July 2020 cover

DIS: Ten Best Schools in Taiwan

The Knowledge Review magazine July 2020 cover story

DIS was featured as one of Ten Best Schools in Taiwan by The Knowledge Review magazine. In its July 2020 edition, ‘The 10 Best Schools in Taiwan’ DIS was their cover story. On their home page, it bannered, “Dominican International School – Encouraging Students to Strive towards Reaching the Full Potential in all Aspects of Human Development”. They were compelled to derive this edition for they have acknowledged teachers who adopted novel teaching techniques and adapted themselves offering better-personalized learning experience. They were privileged to meet a few schools backed by exceptional teachers who cultivate a learner-centered environment while meeting the present-day requirements.

The Knowledge Review is an international education magazine for universities, students, teachers and parents offering news, blogs, articles and courses from the best universities covering educational resources, courses, and learning technologies.

It gives a broad view of the vast education sector from the point of view of a student, educator, and a university. Being one of the top international education and knowledge provider magazines, The Knowledge Review is a platform, specially made to serve as a bridge between students, educators, and universities.

Being the only catholic international school in Taipei, DIS’ mission is to provide a GOD-CENTERED EDUCATION committed to creating critical thinkers who will be valuable and constructive members of a pluralistic society. It promotes and supports parents’ role as the first teachers and works mutually with them to realize their goals. DIS’ vision is to be internationally competitive that offers a holistic learning environment for multi-cultural and multi-lingual learners.

The leadership of Sr. Ma. Zenaida T. Ancheta, OP the Directress/Principal provided a lasting educational experience, accompanied by superior infrastructural facilities and a career-oriented perspective.

DIS follows a modified American curriculum which includes religious studies and prepares students for higher education globally. Innovation is constantly undertaken. One of which is adapting Robotics as part of the Grade 4 to 8 curricula. Also, entrepreneurship is offered to Grade 12 students who run businesses realistically. The curriculum complements well with its educational facilities that allow students to excel with exceptional results as evident in the AP College Board Exams. In the May 2020 AP College Board Exams, 92.5% of AP students got scores 3.0 and above.

DIS welcomes all students, regardless of their race, culture, or religious orientation. The teacher body is also one of the most diverse in Taiwan. The faculty come from different corners of the world, including countries such as Greece, the U.K, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Africa, and Kenya.

Students get to interact with teachers from different creeds, colors, and cultures, who work together as one teaching faculty united in the ethos of the school. This encourages them to develop mutual understanding among each other while working together as a team to learn and evolve.

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