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September 2022

The 65th Jubilee Year Design

Western Association of Schools and Colleges - Accrediting Commission for Schools Logo

The Dominican International School - Taipei Shield

65th Jubilee Year Design

DIS celebrates its founding anniversary every December 8 which coincides with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Every year the school has its slogan/theme that gives meaning to what the school has accomplished and what it wants to impart to its stakeholders.

Having been founded in 1957, this year DIS-Taipei will celebrate its 65th Jubilee year. This year’s theme is “D’TORCH 65ers: Believers… Achievers. A Community Journeying Together with St. Dominic”. A symbol or a design that identifies and gives meaning to the theme is created yearly as well.

This year’s design was crafted by Mr. Adrian “Ian" Crisostomo, Management Information Technology Head. It was approved by Directress / Principal Sr. Ma. Zenaida T. Ancheta, O.P., would appear in all programs, souvenirs, invitations, and banners to commemorate the 65th Jubilee celebration.

The purpose of having a design is to provide information about this year’s theme, express the community’s aspirations, communicate the school’s desired design style, and clarify the timing.

The parts and their meaning:

  1. Shield – The coat of arms of DIS that displays the Dominican motto: Benedicere, Laudare, Praedicare (to pray, to bless, and to preach) with Little Dominic in the middle.
  2. WASC-ASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges - Accrediting Commission for Schools) – The WASC Commission that accredited DIS.
  3. 65ers - The members of the community are called 65ers since it is their 65th year.
  4. Believers – The community believes in the principles of St. Dominic. St. Dominic de Guzman is the founder of the Dominican Order (Order of Preachers) and also DIS’ patron saint.
  5. Achievers – All members of the community are achievers in their own right, in academics, sports, music, and arts.
  6. 1957 – 2022 – The inclusive years
  7. D’TORCH (Dominicans are Truthful, Organized, Reflective, Courageous, and Helpful) – The core values of DIS.
  8. Red Ribbon with the Gold lines – symbolizes a definitive path that the community journeys together with St. Dominic.
  9. 65th Jubilee Year 2022 – Self-explained.